Kelso Baptist Church

Journeying together with Jesus

Kelso Baptist Church

Kelso Baptist Church is a small gathering of believers currently meeting (when lockdown allows) on alternate Sundays @ 11am on Zoom and at 2:30pm in Kelso Old Parish on other Sundays. Join us on a journey of renewed mission with Jesus and you will meet with a warm family type atmosphere, being made welcome as we come to follow the call of God together.

Next few meetings in Kelso Old at 2:30pm are on 2,16,30 May. .

Also, in case you missed it you can check out our first drive in Church (23.8.20) on the button which takes you to our Youtube channel

In the meantime connect to the facebook page for any questions.

A little bit about us:
The pastor and his family

Hello, well here you see a photo of us all as a family, with our two boys Michael (19) and Benjy (17) conveniently hidden! I am Rob Jones your Baptist pastor for the Kelso area, here pictured with my wife Fiona (and the hidden boys). I am keen on the church going forth, and reaching people outside of conventional boundaries. As such, I hope to offer my personal support to small businesses in the coming weeks and months at this difficult time for us all. When I am not pastoring my interests include all kinds of cycling, wild camping, good live music, and messing about with old computers. Prior to becoming a pastor I was a design engineer for 15 years, so I still try and keep a few interesting projects going. My wife Fiona is a part-time primary school teacher, she enjoys feeding the 5000, and creative writing (check out her writers page on Facebook ‘Fiona M Jones’). Michael is at Heriot Watt close to completing his 2nd year of a Maths & Physics Degree, and Benjy is finishing 6th year at High school, with an offer to get into Edinburgh vet school. We look forward to the end of lock down and meeting some of you soon!

Some thoughts on lockdown

I heard my dad remark on the phone recently, ‘It feels like we are paying the penalty for a crime we have not committed.’ Does that ring true with you? The price is our liberty, to protect the lives of others. When Jesus came to earth he entered into a type of lock down. We can never imagine the liberty he gave up firstly to come to earth and then to hand himself over for execution. He did this so that we might have the opportunity to become free one day. Sometime soon, lock down will be over, we will be freed, with an opportunity to make new choices, but these choices will depend on how we reflect on this valuable moment of penalty and restriction in our lives. We can go back to the way we were, OR we can resolve to choose a new path.